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Our mission since we first began making custom tails in 2002; is to to make high quality custom tail extensions to match individual needs and at an affordable cost. All custom tails available in blunt cut or natural taper, with horse hair braid tie-in, single or double hoop attachments. Weighted custom tails are available upon request. We will customize to your needs!

All custom tails are 100% horse hair and are from a company in the US.
Custom tail orders are usually completed within one week of the order date.


Blue Ribbon Tails customers are comprised of various horse breeds including but not limited to American Quarter Horse, American Paint Horse, Pinto, and Buckskin. Our customers have been named Top 15 in the nation in the AQHA and AQHYA. Various AQHA World Show Top 10s, Level 1 Champion of Champions, Level 1 Championship Show Top 5 & Top 10, NSBA World Top 5, Congress Champions, Finalists, and Top 10 at the American Quarter Horse Congress. Just to name a few in the AQHA & AQHYA divisions. Our Buckskin customers have shown with their custom tails to become Top 10 World Show and Color Breed Congress Champions. In the APHA our customers have accomplished World Champions, World Show Top 5 & Top 10, Congress Champions, and Reserve Champions. Our Pinto customers have been named World Top 5. Blue Ribbon Tails has been extremely successful with customizing all our clients tails for the show ring. We can meet your expectations and help you win that Blue Ribbon. Contact us today!


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GoHorseShow article about a Tale of Tails.

A Tale of Tails: The Ins and Outs of Tail Extensions

“Nothing makes a horse look more put together in the show pen than a full, flowing and beautiful tail. Tail extensions have enhanced the image of show horses for decades.
Having a perfect color match and creating the ideal length is essential to forming a pretty picture for the judges.
There are multiple vendors at horse shows to purchase your ideal tail extension from. Have you ever wondered what it takes to put those tails together?”

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