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Blue Ribbon Tails has various customized tails to choose from.
Weighted tails, with blunt or tapered cuts available.

Lengths vary by each color from 27″ – 43″

16 Colors available

  • White/White (Cream) – Cream white
  • White (Golden) – Pale golden blonde
  • Extra light grey – Mostly white hair with some black mixed in
  • Light grey – Flaxen and black mixture with a few brown hairs
  • Medium grey (grey silver) – Mixture of silver, black and flaxen
  • Dark grey – Mostly black hair with some brown and white mixed in
  • Light flaxen sorrel – Mostly white hair with some sorrel mixed in
  • Medium Flaxen sorrel – Mixture of flaxen and sorrel
  • Dark flaxen sorrel – Mixture of black, regular sorrel, dark sorrel and flaxen
  • Light sorrel – Light orangey red
  • Medium sorrel – Medium red brown shade
  • Dark sorrel – Dark mahogany sorrel
  • Mixed – Mixture of brown, black, grey and silver
  • Black/dark sorrel mix – Very dark mixture of black and dark sorrel
  • Natural black – Mixture of mostly black hair and some brown
  • Jet black – Dyed solid black

Weights and forelock extensions available, inquire for more details.

Shipping & Handling charges vary with each order.

Tail prices subject to change

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We offer single loop, double loop or horsehair tie attachments to choose from.